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We’re passionate about discovering and nurturing unrealised student talent and making it available for Britain’s growing businesses from corporates to startups.
We know from experience, there is an abundance of unrealised talent at Universities, inaccessible by companies who cannot afford to run lengthy, comprehensive assessment processes. Our assessments centres mimic those experienced in the corporate world, providing students with valuable feedback.

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It is our policy that all students are compensated and treated appropriately in line with our client agreement.

After participating in Wintern’s Assessment Centre, hosted at Queen Mary University, it built my confidence and knowledge gap on how a typical assessment centre is run. The prompt feedback I received was very useful and allowed me to improve on key areas.
The best part was, I was pleased to find out I had received an internship offer a few months after from a start up technology business. After having an initial meeting with the founder and getting to know more about the firm, I soon realised I would gain so much exposure and learn a variety of skills, than I would have on a corporate internship due to the lack of flexibility and range of tasks and responsibilities given.
I’m grateful to have come across Wintern, as if it wasn’t for them I would not have secured such a great opportunity and I can’t wait to start my placement this summer!

Queen Mary's University

Wintern has been a great partner in helping us find junior talent for our start-up. Through Wintern we’ve had the opportunity to interview and work with some really interesting candidates from some of the UK’s top performing universities. The Wintern team have demonstrated a genuine interest in supporting our journey as an early stage company

TubeChat Founder

Wintern’s assessment centre was incredible for my self development as it allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses from an employers perspective before I was applying to Jobs! The team are extremely welcoming and passionate about supporting you as an applicant, whereby they have since facilitated my new intern role at a startup VC firm. Following my experience I have recommended Wintern to many of my friends as I believe the advantage this gives you will be invaluable to career and application success.

Bath University

Wintern’s brilliant assessment centre allowed me to experience a real assessment day used by major employers in their rigorous application process. Through emulating the different stages in a similar intense manner, I now feel considerably more prepared and confident for my upcoming internship applications. Receiving personalised and detailed feedback was extremely helpful in recognising my strengths and weaknesses, which I can develop and improve upon. As a successful candidate, Wintern referred me to work experience opportunities where I was given invaluable insights.

LSE Student